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GreyPot is the continuation of the recipe experiments started by me "Anooja Bibin" as TiffinRecipes.com in the year 2010, as a blog to keep track of the recipes I was learning to cook from my grandmothers, mother, and my aunts.

There are two things I follow while deciding if a recipe is good enough to go out the door.

1. Does it work? Does the dish make me smile inside and out?

2. If the dish tastes great, is it worth the effort? Do I need to make it again (and again and again)?

Please try the recipes and if you have a question or constructive feedback, let us know about it in the comments to the recipe.

Questions are also welcome; we will attempt to answer them in a timely manner. Before you ask a question, please check to see if you question has already been addressed in either the recipe introduction or comments other people have made.

Thanks so much for visiting GreyPot!